Why K9 Sys Inc

Why K9 Sys Inc

Whether you are looking for the right candidate for your company or as a professional, needs a rewarding career, K9 Sys, is your Right choice!.

For Information Technology specialists in project management, system integration, system and network administration, software evaluation, selection, design, development, and modification. Our project managers and technical staff ensure that your goals and deadlines are met. We have been providing a variety of consulting services for many small, medium, and large scale organizations throughout Southeastern Michigan. Through highly trained professionals with real world experience, we are able to provide services in a broad range of technologies and industries.

K9 Consultants: (Our consultants are among the most customer-oriented and experienced technical and business professionals in the Information Services industry. We pride ourselves on presenting only the highest caliber candidates for your consideration. Our goal is not to be the largest consulting firm, just the Right. We bring success to our clients and have the track record to prove it.

K9 Value: We will provide our clients with the Right value. The old adage "You get what you pay for!" is very true. If you are looking for "bargain basement" resources, we are not for you. The Right value isn’t always the lowest cost.

K9 Recruiting: Our recruiting process gets our clients top-notch candidates from some of the Big companies in the industry. All candidates are rigorously screened prior to being submitted for consideration. In addition, we perform reference checks on all candidates.

K9 Clients: For our existing employees and those who are looking forward to join us, we have the wide rage of prestigious Clients who bank upon us which enable us to offer a Career Path Development and flexible alternative plans to standard vacation, sick leave, and holiday pay that can be tailored to fit the needs of contract software professionals.